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Water Management / Amendments

OSC has common sense solutions to meet the needs of turf managers.  Our line of Aqua-Aid and Turf Max products is designed to address water management, soil management, sun protection and tank efficiency. Aqua-Aid’s various surfactant chemistries can be used alone or combined in order for the end user to have uniform conditions when dealing with non-uniform subsoil. Contact a representative to find out how you can maximize water efficiency while delivering quality playing surfaces.


Water Management

Soil Solutions



GHP 4-0-0

Stress Relief

I-Mol Turf Screen Turf Pure Green TS Pigment Remover

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GHP 4-0-0 Stress Relief


Formulated to enhance the efficacy of applied chemistries, reduce plant stresses and encourage overall plant health.

2 x 2.5 Gal.


208 L drum

GHP 4-0-0 Stress Relief Label



I-MOL is formulated from Iron Sulphate and a proprietary molasses blend. It restores and stimulates microbial activity and assists in the natural decomposition of accumulated organic matter.

2 x 2.5 Gal.

I-Mol Tech Sheet


I-Mol Safety Data Sheet

Turf Screen


The all natural active ingredients in TURF SCREEN -titanium dioxide and zinc oxide - reflect, scatter and absorb both UVA and UVB rays. Turf Screen is completely safe for your turf and the environment. Independent testing shows Turf Screen effectively improves turf quality.

2 x 5 L

Turf Screen Label


Turf Screen Safety Data Sheet

Turf Pure Green


TURF PURE GREEN with advanced pigment technology is a dark green pigment that gives your turf a natural, visually pleasing turf-green finish and more. As part of your regular maintenance plan, TS Pure Green relieves extreme environmental stress and enhances turf quality.

2 x 5 L

Turf Pure Green Label


Turf Pure Green Safety Data Sheet

TS Pigment Remover


Turf Max Pigment Remover will remove most stubborn stains and blemishes from your equipment and accessories, including pigments and dyes. Turf Max Pigment Remover is ready to use: just spray, wait 3-5 minutes and pressure wash away. It’s that simple.

12 x 1 Quart

TS Pigment Remover Tech Sheet


TS Pigment Remover Safety Data Sheet


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