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Water Management / Amendments

OSC has common sense solutions to meet the needs of turf managers.  Our line of Aqua-Aid and Turf Max products is designed to address water management, soil management, sun protection and tank efficiency. Aqua-Aid’s various surfactant chemistries can be used alone or combined in order for the end user to have uniform conditions when dealing with non-uniform subsoil. Contact a representative to find out how you can maximize water efficiency while delivering quality playing surfaces.


Water Management

Soil Solutions


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  AcidipHy PBS 150 Granular

8-0-0 PBS 150


1-0-7 Turf Power 0-2-2 AQM Pellet
  0-2-1 RZX Pellet 0-0-15 Verde Cal K+ Verde Cal G Greens Verde Cal G SGN 185 Verde Cal SGN 90
  Verde Cal SGN 210        

- Soil Solutions -



Helps neutralize the effects of highly buffered, alkaline irrigation water on managed turfgrasses. Formulated for broadcast applications on golf courses, lawns, and playing fields.

50 lb

AcidipHy Tech Sheet


AcidipHy Label


AcidipHy Safety Data Sheet

PBS 150 Granular

(SGN 90)


PBS 150 Granular represents new technology for long-term surfactants used for turfgrass. PBS 150 granular uses unique surfactant molecular construction to address the source of performance loss.

50 lb

PBS 150 Tech Sheet


PBS 150 Granular Label


PBS 150 Granular Safety Data Sheet

8-0-0 PBS 150 Granular

(SGN 200)


Custom Blend 8-0-0 with PBS 150 will give turf managers season long control of localized dry spots. It will also allow management of the hydrophobic soil conditions, while providing up to a pound of nitrogen per thousand square feet (93 m²) when used as directed.

50 lb

8-0-0 PBS 150 Granular Label


8-0-0 PBS 150 Granular Safety Data Sheet

1-0-7 Turf Power


Turf Power is derived from plant based organic matter using a unique mesophilic process providing a humus rich liquid extract. Turf Power nourishes the soil, improves soil health and acts as a natural sequester enhancing availability and uptake of plant nutrients. Turf Power improves overall soil biology and nutrient availability producing stronger, healthier and more vigorous plants.

2 x 2.5 Gal.

1-0-7 Turf Power Tech Sheet


1-0-7 Turf Power SDS

0-2-2 AQM Pellet

(Aqua Maxx)


A turf fertilizer formulated as a blended soluble potash and kelp meal in a water soluble, semi solid pellet.

12 x 8 oz.

0-2-2 AQM Pellet Label


0-2-2 AQM Pellet Safety Data Sheet

0-2-1 RZX Pellet



A turf fertilizer formulated as a blended soluble potash and kelp meal in a water soluble, semi solid pellet.

12 x 8 oz.

0-2-1 RZX Pellet Label


0-2-1 RZX Pellet Safety Data Sheet

0-0-15 Verde Cal K+



50 lb


Verde Cal G Greens

(SGN 85)



50 lb


Verde Cal G Coarse

(SGN 185)



50 lb


Verde Cal Greens

(SGN 90)



50 lb


Verde Cal Coarse

(SGN 210)



50 lb


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