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Golf Course Fertilizer

OSC is continually working with our supply partners to secure technologies that will optimize plant health and provide consistent playing surfaces. We are pleased to offer a professional line of turf fertilizers from Nutrite as well as a high quality line of foliar applied fertilizers from ENP turf. Our sales reps work with you to develop nutrition programs for all Ontario growing climates and soil types. From granular applications to spoon feeding to pre-stress conditioning, OSC has quality nutrition products to help achieve your goals.


Anuvia is a new approach using a unique patented natural binding system to create homogeneous products. The use of an organic matrix with both positive and negative charges provides docking sites for desired nutients like ammonium, potassium, sulfate and ferrous iron. Anuvia 16-1-2 greentrx  is a unique homogeneous NH4 acidic fertilizer (5.5 pH with 17% sulphur) that provides immediate and slow release (6-8 weeks) with great verdure (3% iron) and no surge. Anuvia is optimal as a soil  base fertilizer for spring, fall and dormant applications. Available in greens grade (90 sgn), Tee / Fairway (145 sgn) and regular (225 sgn).


Click here for more details in the Anuvia Technical Bulletin.


Liquid / Foliar


(SGN 100)


(SGN 145)


(SGN 200)


(SGN 245)

Soluble & HydroGro

  35-0-9 100% Nutryon 33-0-0 Late Fall 32-4-10 32-0-0 Late Fall 30-0-8 FMS Extended

24-6-12 FMS 75% SR

& SOP + Fe + Micros

24-0-20 24-0-12 20-1-5 12-1-2 Sustane Booster

- Premium Granular Turf Grade (SGN 200) Golf Course Fertilizer -


100% Nutryon


An economical formula for roughs. Nutryon slow-release nitrogen provides a long-lasting precise and consistent feeding.

25 kg

35-0-9 Tech Sheet


35-0-9 Safety Data Sheet


Late Fall


Late fall fertilizer with UMAXX to maximize efficiency and ammonium sulphate. Contains 11.2% S

25 kg

33-0-0 Tech Sheet


33-0-0 Safety Data Sheet



An economical formula for roughs. Formulated with UMAXX stabilized nitrogen to maximize nitrogen efficiency. Contains 3.5% S

25 kg

32-4-10 Tech Sheet


32-4-10 Safety Data Sheet


Late Fall


Late fall fertilizer. Nutryon controlled release nitrogen provides a long-lasting, precise and consistent feeding that lasts up to 12 weeks. Nutryon gradually feeds  for stronger and healthier turf. Ammonium sulphate is particularly useful for rapid recovery and green-up of greens, tees and fairways.

25 kg

32-0-0 Tech Sheet


32-0-0 Safety Data Sheet


FMS Extended


Slow release nitrogen from Methydure and Nutryon. Formulated with extended release Nutryon polymer-coated urea. Provides gradual and continuous nutrition over 25 weeks. Contains 2.8% S

25 kg

30-0-8 Tech Sheet


30-0-8 Safety Data Sheet


FMS 75% SR & SOP + Fe + Micros


Contains three sources of nitrogen with different release rates; Fast, Medium and Slow. The 75% slow-release nitrogen is derived from Methydure, Nutryon polymer coated urea and UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen.

25 kg

24-6-12 Tech Sheet


24-6-12 Safety Data Sheet



Formulated with Nutryon slow release nitrogen and UMAXX stabilized nitrogen to maximize nitrogen efficiency. High rate of potassium for improved stress tolerance. Contains 1% Mg, 8.5% S, 1% Fe

25 kg

24-0-20 Tech Sheet


24-0-20 Safety Data Sheet



FMS (Fast, Medium Slow) - Slow release nitrogen from Methydure and Nutryon and stabilized nitrogen from UMAXX. Provides gradual and consistent nutrition over 12 weeks.

25 kg

24-0-12 Tech Sheet


24-0-12 Safety Data Sheet



Organic based fertilizer with Sustane composted turkey litter and Nutryon-S slow release nitrogen. Contains 2.5% S

25 kg

20-1-5 Tech Sheet


20-1-5 Safety Data Sheet


Sustane Booster


A granular organic based fertilizer. Contains Sustane organic homogeneous fertilizer. 10.8 % of the nitrogen is in a quickrelease form from ammonium sulfate. Sustane provides predictable slow release organic nitrogen for up to 9 weeks.

25 kg

12-1-2 Tech Sheet


12-1-2 Safety Data Sheet


Click here for a full printable list of Granular Golf Course Fertilizers available from OSC.


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